Toad for Data Analysts

Quest Software, Inc. (Freeware)

Developed by Quest Software, Inc., Toad for Data Analysts is a program that allows both business and IT professionals to directly access data from any database. It provides a range of functions for data analytics used at the desktop in accelerating predictive modeling and data mining.

Users can connect to any database which includes Oracle, SQL, DB2, Sybase, and Teradata, among others. The data collected from the different sources can be analyzed using the same tool, which eliminates the need for bridging applications. It also automates and schedules tasks and report distribution for organization. As to simplifying complex data manipulation tasks and data visualization functionality, Toad for Data Analysts provides heterogeneous queries and data cleansing and transformation utilities for it. In addition, if the user wants to ensure validity and accuracy, the program also compares and synchronizes all the data.

Features of Toad for Data Analysts:
• Streamline data collection
• Create custom reports efficiently
• Export data into different programs such as Microsoft Excel
• Easily navigate and edit SQL statements using SQL editor
• View graphical representations of tables and views with the ER diagram tool

Not only is the program intended for Data Analysts, it can as well be used by Data Administrators who use source specific tools. For beginners, a tutorial is available within the application for assistance.