TMPGEnc Authoring Works 4

Pegasys Inc. (Shareware)

TMPGenc Authoring Works 4 is a program that facilitates video content creation (video projects) for DVDs, Blu-Rays, DiVx, and other types of discs. It supports importing a variety of video formats. The program has various editing tools that can remove unwanted scenes such as commercials. A number of effects can be added, too. Among them are scene transitions and menus.

There are menu templates for novice users and custom menus for advanced users of the program. Interactive and Motion Menu Settings are available. Subtitles can be created to accompany the video. To correct gaps and reduce noise, there are audio filters that can skim the video for these audio issues. The completed video has Dolby Digital Surround sound. The final scene of the DVD project can be a “notes” page often used for credits.

TMPGenc Authoring Works 4 has an interface that divides a DVD project into 5 stages (from Start to Output). Going back to previous stages is possible if there are modifications to be made. Skipping a stage can also be done if there is no need to go to that specific process. The program has a “smart scene search” that allows quick scan of scenes by using the mouse scroll.