TMIDI Player 1.0

Fummy (Freeware)

TMIDI Player is a MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) player that provides users total control over the playback of MIDI files. The application does not need to be installed in the computer in order for it to work. With the program, users will be able to choose the MIDI-output and input device to use, the instrument played in each channel, and the tempo of the MIDI file.

TIMIDI Player has a simple and informative interface that displays MIDI information, such as the instrument played in each channel, the notes that are being played, the number of notes being played, and the title of the song. Additionally, users can view a text-based analysis of the MIDI file. The player is also capable of playing MIDI files that cannot be played by other MIDI players (truncated or invalid files).

The user interface of the program is straight-forward. The upper portion of the window displays the MIDI Out and MIDI In devices, while the lower portion of the window is where users can see other information about the file.  

Other features of the TMIDI Player are the following:
• Easy to use
• Does not take up a lot of computer space
• Compatible with all MIDI files
• Unique playback engine
• Uses little memory