TL-WN422G Wireless Utility 2


TL-WN422G Wireless Utility is a convenient tool used for connecting a laptop or desktop computer to a high-speed Internet network. This program is capable of providing 54Mbps speeds which is adequate enough to facilitate basic online applications. Users can implement this tool and be assured that they can conduct online activities without any glitches.

Because of its many features, this application allows for great flexibility in wireless technology applications. TL-WN422G Wireless Utility is developed by TP-LINK TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD.

With this application, better performance is possible with the external antenna than the internal antenna. TL-WN422G Wireless Utility features a 4dBi high gain external antenna that is detachable. This antenna can be rotated so that the performance of the network is optimized. It can be pointed in different directions based on the operation environment and the current needs. In addition, a diverse range of antennae can be used to enable a wider range of coverage.

Moreover, this utlity also offers advanced security WPA / WPA2 Encryptions which are improved safeguards against external intrusions into the Wi-Fi connection. This utility is easy to employ and does not require advanced knowledge or computer programming skills. The instructions given are easy to follow for launching and utilization.