Tixati 2.43

Tixati Software (Freeware)

Tixati is a torrent client for Windows computers. The application has a simple interface that contains all the controls for searching and downloading torrent files. After installation, users can search for torrent files from the Internet. All the files currently being downloaded can be viewed in the window. Users can see the torrent name, the size of the file, the progress, status, time left to finish the download, and other information. The bottom part of the window provides more information for the torrent file. Users can select a torrent file from the upper window to see information about it on the lower window. Some of the information that can be viewed includes the details, files, trackers, peers, event log, and comments.

Tixati comes with a built-in RSS reader that makes it easy for users to stay current on the latest downloads available from different sources. Beginners can learn how to use all the features of the program by visiting the website and reading the comprehensive online help.

Other features of the application are the following:
• Detailed bandwidth chatting and management
• Advanced features (IP filtering, event scheduler)
• Fast downloading algorithms
• Efficient peer selection
• RC4 connection encryption