LS Research (Proprietary)

TiWi is a WiFi technology developed by LS Research for different kinds of Bluetooth applications and wireless devices. The name of this tool is derived from the technology it is based on: Texas Instruments’ WiLink technology. This tool is integrated into a number of Bluetooth and WiFi devices, including the TiWi-BLE, TiWi-R2, and TiWi-SL modules. All of the modules making use of this technology have been certified by the FCC-IC and tested by the ETSI. This tool provides devices with wireless functionality, including receiving and transmitting Bluetooth signals.

The TiWi-BLE is an integrated, low-energy Bluetooth device and WiFi module. It is able to support wireless LAN applications over an SDIO interface, together with a host processor. It is a dual-mode device in that the Bluetooth and the WLAN use the same antenna port. Using a device’s transport layer, this tool provides a Bluetooth platform for users.

This Bluetooth and WiFi technology is also used in the TiWi-SL, a self-contained module, which means it has its own WiFi driver and TCP/IP stack built in to the device. This chip enables users to connect to WiFi signals in any location because of its universal IP connectivity feature. WiFi connection is easily established, even for devices connecting to a particular signal for the first time.