TiVo Desktop

TiVo Inc. (Freeware)

TiVo Desktop is a program that enables users to view their favorite TV shows in their PC. This program allows users to search for Television shows in the Internet and then transfer the video files to their PC. TiVo Desktop also has a built-in media player that allows users to play their TV shows. The media player has basic controls such as stop, pause, play, fast forward, rewind, and volume controls. Users can also play their favorite TV shows in full screen or window mode. In addition to TV shows, TiVo Desktop can also be used to share other media such as movies, music, and photos using an Internet connection or a local area network. This program can also receive TV transmissions using a cable, satellite, or antenna. TiVo Desktop supports both standard TV and HD TV.

TiVo Desktop’s main window has two parts. First is the media selection panel where users can select between TV show viewing and file transfers, and the music and photos section where users can share their other media. The next part is the main display panel where users can view the list of downloaded TV files or other media. The list shows the title, episode, the date when the file was recorded, the duration, and the file size. The upper portion displays the TV show’s complete title along with the show’s description. This panel also has “Transfer Status” button, which displays the number of TV show files being imported to the user’s computer as well as the remaining download time.