Titanium Studio

Appcelerator (Freeware)

Titanium Studio is an IDE or Integrated Design Environment that allows the efficient development of applications for mobile devices and desktops. It is a framework for Web-based apps; one that uses existing languages like Objective-C for iPads and iPhones and the more conventional JavaScript language to create programs for more modern platforms and operating systems such as those utilized by these and other compact computing devices. Titanium Studio and its range of features provide users the ability to create prototypes and full apps from scratch with the following advantages:

• Mobile Development – the IDE based on Eclipse incorporates JavaScript for ease of mobile application creation by developers both traditional and Web-geared

• Faster Development – JavaScript’s popularity and user familiarity with the programming language results in a gradual learning curve for users of whatever programming skill. Code reuse across platforms also allows fast app creation.

• Overall Productivity – the central IDE permits programming, debugging, and app publishing with its comprehensive features and tools.

The native languages and development tools incorporated in Titanium allow it to become a universal tool for creating applications for different mobile platforms and operating systems. This versatility permits users to manage multiple projects that may use a variety of coding languages without having to resort to specific IDEs and specialized tools.