Titanium Developer

Appcelerator Inc. (Proprietary)

Titanium Developer is an all-in-one development environment released by Appcelerator in 2008. The program is designed for creating mobile applications for different mobile operating systems including iOS, BlackBerry, and Android. The program features several tools including an open-source software development kit (SDK), Titanium Studio, Titanium Alloy, and Cloud services.

Titanium Developer SDK is a JavaScript SDK that allows users to create mobile and hybrid apps. It provides support for up to 5000 APIs. It features access to software modules created by ISVs and Independent developers. This provides a better consumer experience when it comes to user interface and controls of mobile apps.

Titanium Developer Studio is an Eclipse-based Studio integrated development environment or IDE. It features integrated MBaaS capabilities. MBaaS stands for Mobile Backend as a Service. It also features on-device debugging and emulator services. The program comes with Titanium Cloud Services tool enabling users to build applications that are cloud connected. This is the latest trend in software services for diskless application sharing. The program also offers one-click deployment of mobile apps for easier access.

Titanium Developer Alloy is a software development framework that enables users to develop high-quality mobile apps quickly. Alloy for Titanium utilizes XML and CSS, as well as MVC architecture. MVC stands for model-view controller. The program is user friendly allowing even novice users to build their own apps.