Titan Quest

Iron Lore Entertainment (Proprietary)

Titan Quest is a role-playing game where the player is the hero (with name and gender chosen by the player) fighting monsters in three settings based on the ancient world. The locations include Greece, ancient Egypt, and the Silk Road (Asia). The program is a multi-player game that allows two to six users to play in a server, network, or via the Internet.

The game begins at a time when gods and men no longer communicate, and the world is overrun by beasts. These mythological creatures invade and terrorize the countryside and the people, besieging cities, burning temples, and creating havoc all around the land. The hero, on orders to bring balance to the world, finds himself battling centaurs, automatons, spiders and scorpions, undead soldiers, harpies, and other mythological monsters that prevent him to proceed to the next village.

With the expansion pack (Titan Quest: Immortal Throne), the game’s classical three acts became four, but with the same levels of difficulty – Normal, Epic, and Legendary. A Higher difficulty level earns more rewards. Online play can have the players trade, compete, or play together. Along the journey, unique items are found, and there are several modification tools for more weapon power. In the loot system, the player kills the monster and picks up the monster’s items.