Titan Quest - Immortal Throne


Titan Quest – Immortal Throne is a video game released in 2007. This was released as an expansion pack for the 2006 game Titan Quest. Titan Quest – Immortal Throne is a role-playing game where players take control of a character and guides it in interacting with the game environment. In role-playing games, the player can allow the character to perform actions such as talking with in-game characters and non-playing characters (NPC), purchasing items, and performing combat actions. Titan Quest – Immortal Throne also features an action-oriented game play where players focus on combat: defeating monsters, exploring dungeons, and using special skills that are more powerful than the normal attack. Titan Quest – Immortal Throne has both single player and a multiplayer game that can be hosted in an Internet or Local Area Network connection.

Titan Quest – Immortal Throne enables players to choose a character and customize its name, gender and character features. The game story is based on ancient Greek Mythology where players encounter characters and creatures from Greek myths. These characters include mythical monsters such as centaurs, harpies, gorgons, automatons, gigantic spiders, scorpions, and undead soldiers. The game also features different locations such as Greece, Egypt, and the Orient where players must complete quests in order for the game’s story to progress. Titan Quest – Immortal Throne has new features such as the ability to equip artifacts, enchant items with special attributes, and increased storage space in caravans.