TipTop Deluxe

Astraware (Freeware)

TipTop Deluxe is an action puzzle game developed by Astraware featuring a Fifties style fruit machine game interface. This game is part of the Match-3 action game genre. To play the TipTop Deluxe, the player has to match fruits and fifties-style items in a row of 3 or more to remove them from the slots and score points. This game features three game modes—Regular, Speed, and Strategy mode. Regular Mode features the traditional match-3 game. Speed game mode features the regular mode but with a time constraint. Strategy mode requires players to plan the moves to remove all the items on the slots. Each game mode features unlimited levels. TipTop Deluxe is released on December 2002.

TipTop Deluxe game interface shows a Fifties-style slots machine. The left sidebar shows the current level and the current score. The sidebar also features buttons for Options, Instructions, and Quit. The slots machine window shows the various items to be matched. The upper right portion shows the upcoming items to appear on the slots window. The next three items are shown at any given time. The lower right portion shows a squiggly bar that is filled corresponding to the number of matches the player makes. When the bar fills up to the top, the level ends and the player moves to the next level.