TipCam Recorder

UtipU (Freeware)

TipCam Recorder is a screen-recording application that features one-click functions. The program has a small interface that consists of nine icons, each representing a command. The command, as well some of the shortcut keys, are displayed. Some of the commands are Record, Zoom, Play, Save, and Discard. The program is capable of taking screenshots of the desktop and recording up to 20 minutes of video. Captured files can be shared to friends via the TipMail icon on the main window. They can also be uploaded to a website.

The TipCam Recorder Options window has three tabs for the configuration of settings – Basic, Environment, and Advanced.

• Basic Options – Under the basic options tab, users can change the output folder, the volume for the commentary when recording, and other basic settings.
• Environment Options – The environment options enable the user to set the hotkeys for different commands. Additionally, the display of the window can be changed, too. The program can be minimized or maximized according to the user’s taste. The interface design can also be changed with available skins.
• Advanced Options – Under the advanced options tab, users can set the recording quality, the details for recording, and the zoom level.