tinySpell 1.9.44

KEDMI Scientific Computing (Freeware)

tinySpell is a spellchecker application. It is useful for programs that do not have a built-in spellchecker. The program immediately alerts the user of spelling mistakes as they are typed. Upon installation, the application is minimized to the system tray. It pops up when spelling mistakes are detected.

When a word is misspelled, the application beeps to alert the user. A spelling tip box then appears right beside the misspelled word. Additionally, users can click on the tip box to view a list of other words that can be used for the sentence. The program is not only used for typing. It can also be used for spell checking text copied from the clipboard. The program’s icon is yellow when there are spelling mistakes and it changes to white when the mistakes are corrected.

Users can configure the program to be used for all Windows application or only for selected ones. Users also have the freedom to add new words to the program’s built-in dictionary. In addition, the program has online support which enables users to search for words on an online dictionary, encyclopedia, or thesaurus. Searches are done on Google, Merriam-Webster online, and Wikipedia. The program runs in the background when not in use and does not clog up system resources.