Tiny Token Empires

Bulkypix (Proprietary)

Tiny Token Empires is a real-time turn-based strategy game developed by the company, Bulkypix. The game’s theme features various classic civilizations such as the Egyptians, Carthaginians, Greeks, Persians, and Romans. Each of these forces intends to dominate the world and in order to accomplish this, players have to mobilize their troops across the map while conquering nations along the way. Players must perform other tasks that include setting up cities, erecting barracks and other fortifications, training various types of soldiers, and attempt to beat the other armies in becoming the most powerful empire in the world.

Match-3 games appear whenever the player’s army encounters an enemy armies or barbarian tribes. Tiny Token Empires feature a unique twist. A power meter is assigned to every member of the player’s army, which is also connected to a specific color on the puzzle board. Every time the player forms a color match, the corresponding army member increases in power. Once the meter is full, the player receives the ability to launch a destructive attack on the enemy. If two members of the player’s army belong to the same military class, matching three of their color will increase both troops at the same time. Each troop comes with a different set of abilities and the player can acquire certain artifacts that will enhance their respective strengths.