Tiny Media Player

Howard Software (Freeware)

Tiny Media Player is an application for computers running on Windows operating systems. The program only uses minimal system resources when the application loads video files from local folders. The program has the ability to play most types of video and audio files by utilizing a proprietary technological framework called DirectShow, an application-programming interface. This allows users of the Tiny Media Player to listen to songs, audiobooks, and recorded audio on most open source and proprietary file formats.

Aside from its ability to load local files, the application can also play multimedia content from optical media inserted into external drives, such as digital video discs, compact discs, and Blu-ray discs. Its visual interface lets files display other relevant information fetched from data embedded into a media file. For instance, it can show subtitles alongside streaming video. At the same time, it can display metadata from a song, such as genre, artist, and release date, to name a few. These details can be read by the program so long as the information is encoded in Unicode and as UTF-8 FreeDB records.

Customizing the application is possible. The user can change and modify linked keyboard shortcuts as well as line commands. Functions of buttons are customizable as well.