Tiny Cars 2 1.1

Realore Studios (Shareware)

Tiny Cars 2 is a sequel to the arcade game Tiny Cars. Fan requests for a multiplayer mode, more bonuses, better AI, and advanced level cars all came into play in this latest installment. Players can select from either arcade game mode or championship game mode. There are different location settings for the races. There are nine cars to choose from, each having their own unique attributes, which lets players see the same track from nine different perspectives. The ability to choose different cars and tracks to race on allows players to practice various driving methods.

There are a few new tricks in this arcade racing game. Players control their car through a third-person perspective, which makes it difficult to control the car. As a player tries to master the driving controls (overcompensate, oversteer, etc.), most of the time, the car is out of control. This may not be a good thing for some players who go for precision control driving. However, in Championship mode, there are some competitive methods to try. Gameplay invoves picking up crystals to set traps or to get speed boost. There are also oil slicks and oncoming rockets to deal with or even use to force competitors off the race track.