TINCan Racer 1.001

Phenomedia (Shareware)

TINCan Race is a funny racing game from Phenomedia. The characters in this game are played by seven toy robots, each having unique powers and characteristics. Players have to help the characters as they race against each other across the eight zigzag tracks in an empty toy factory. The game also comes with plenty of challenges, bonuses, and rewards. Each robot has distinct abilities and attributes. Some of their capabilities include magnets, flamethrowers, and rockets that all make an impact on the entire game. Players will be challenged by the wide range of weapons and tricks that can be used to win. Furthermore, there are lots of extra special items to make playing a unique and exciting game experience.

TINCan Race consists of five game modes: Classic, Last Man Standing, Split Screen, Multiplayer Mode, and the Face the Time Trial. In the Classic championship game, players will have to compete against other robots. The Split Screen Mode allows a player to play against a friend using the same computer. The viewing screen will be split into two; one for each player. For the multiplayer mode, a user can invite four other players to join the game using a LAN connection.