TimeToPhoto 2.5.4492

Alexei Popov (Shareware)

TimeToPhoto is a time-stamping tool for digital images. It places a date stamp on specified photos automatically while leaving the original files intact. The information about the date and exact time a particular photo was taken is stored in its EXIF file. What this program does is to access the EXIF file, get the date taken, and display it onto the photo. This application supports batch processing so multiple photos may be stamped at once.

In addition to the date, this program also lets users specify other information that they would like to add to the photos, such as the name of an event or the location where the photos were taken. Users may also write the names of the individuals in the photos and other important details that can help in easily recalling a place or an event. Location coordinates may also be placed, provided the camera used has a GPS function.

The stamps may be customized according to user preferences. The font type, color, and size may be specified. Users can then click the left mouse button to position the stamp onto their desired location on the photo. TimeToPhoto saves the stamped photos in a separate folder from the originals. This application comes with a User’s Guide in PDF format.