Timeshock! 1.0

Cunning Development (Shareware)

Pro Pinball: Timeshock! Is a pinball simulation computer game developed by the company, Cunning Development and published by Empire Interactive. One of the game’s distinctive features is the inclusion of a time travel element in the traditional pinball theme. There is a simple storyline behind this game – that of a failed experiment that happens in the future, which causes a Timeshock. It is set to go back toward the beginning of time and cause immense destruction. In order to prevent this from happening, the player must collect all pieces of the time crystal, which are dispersed across four different eras. The player must catch up with the Timeshock by getting past the Time Warp Frenzy and Time Machine.

In this game, the pinball reacts to a 3D environment, which contains multiple bumpers and ramps. The game is divided into four main time dimensions: The Prehistoric Age, Ancient Rome, The Present Age, and Distant Future. The player is allowed access to these time zones by fulfilling a variety of tasks. Naturally, the main objective is saving the ball by controlling the mechanisms inside the pinball machine. The player must power up the time machine, gather crystals, collect bonuses by lighting up drop targets during the course of the game. The final section of the adventure happens toward the Dawn of Time era, in which the player has to survive a six-ball game.