Sierra Entertainment (Shareware)

TimeShift is a science fiction first-person shooter game what was initially released in 2007. In the game, players control an unnamed character that must restore peace in the Alpha District. The story starts with Dr. Aiden Krone’s invention, the Alpha Suit, which serves as a time machine. The scientists also created a Beta Suit, which is similar to the Alpha Suit but with more features. Krone takes the Alpha Suit and travels to the past to rule the world. Players make use of the Beta Suit to follow Krone and go back in time to the Alpha District.

The main feature of the game is the character’s ability to control time, which is useful to progress through the game. Players can stop time, slow time, or rewind time. Apart from the main missions, players are also given puzzled where time control must be used. When the player manipulates time, the surroundings change in color. Slowing down time changes the surroundings to blue, stopping time produces a white haze, and rewinding time creates a yellow haze.

Other features of the game are:
• 24 combat missions to complete
• Unlock a wide variety of weapons and vehicles
• Multiplayer mode for up to 16 players
• Support for multiplayer customization