Times Reader 2.0

NYTimes (Freeware)

Times Reader is an e-reader that users the Adobe Air program. The application automatically downloads the latest issue of The New York Times on the computer. The program resides on the computer and does not need an Internet connection to work. When an issue of the New York Times is downloaded, the user can read it using the software even without an Internet connection.

Times Reader is different from the New York Times website as the software delivers news that has the look of a real newspaper. All the articles are displayed on the interface just like the print edition. The program’s interface also displays the controls for viewing the newspaper. The left side of the screen shows a pane that lists down the parts of the newspaper. These include front page, international, business day, science times, crossword, and others. There’s also a section for viewing news in the form of videos. Users can also share news articles through e-mail by clicking on the ‘E-Mail This’ button.

Users can access more content from The New York Times by subscribing to the service. Adobe Air must also be installed in the system in order for the e-reader to work. The program can be installed in up to five devices.