TimerShot 1.0

Microsoft (Freeware)

TimerShot or Webcam TimerShot is a program that allows the system to take screenshots of the active webcam automatically. The application is simple, but there are different settings that allow users to change the way the program behaves. It also supports taking screenshots of several webcams that are all connected to the computer.

The application is simple to use even for beginners. Its main window is where users can select the device to use with the application. The program automatically detects webcams that are connected to the computer. Under the picture options window, users can choose to take a screenshot every set number of minutes. There is also a resizing option where users can choose a specific size or choose the default size. Under file location, users must choose a folder where to save the screenshot taken by the program. Once all the settings have been configured, users can already use the application.

Here are the other features of the program:

• Simple and intuitive user interface
• Can be used for monitoring the computer activities of users on the computer, especially when using the webcam
• Does not clog up system resources and runs in the background so users can do other computer activities