Timed Shutdown 6.2

Tinnes Software (Freeware)

Timed Shutdown is a utility developed by Tinnes Software to automatically shut down, restart, hibernate, log off, lock, or suspend the operation of a computer. It can be used to help the user perform the said operations easily without having to manually initiate these computer operations.

Timed Shutdown provides users with four triggers customizable for turning their computer off: time and date, CPU or network usage, on-application close, and sound volume. Users can shut down their computers at a particular time, after the set time, when the degree of CPU usage drops, or when the computer gets cut off from the Internet.

Timed Shutdown limits the time that the computer is turned on, especially when no user is onboard or actually using it. It uses the 24-hour-clock format in setting the exact shutdown time. This application can be found on the system tray when it is running. Also, the user can easily abort the shutdown process when needed. Users are given an option of a 5-to-60-second countdown before shutting down the computer. This option allows the user to cancel the operation just in case the shutdown process is not initiated on purpose, or if the user wishes to continue using the system after the process has begun. Users can also set the shutdown time manually with this utility.