TImeClock Application 4.1.7

Timesheets MTS Software (Shareware)

TimeClock Application or Time Clock MTS is a program developed by Timesheets MTS Software. This is designed to track time records and collect information on attendance or activities conducted by employees and staff. Payroll is easy to manage with this application. It has all the records of employees regarding the time they logged in and out of the workplace. Persons in charge of tallying and computing the payroll will have efficiency to complete their tasks. This also helps eliminate deficits and errors that usually happen when computing the number of hours worked. Therefore, calculation errors are avoided and under- and over-payment are prevented.

Once every employee turns on their Windows-based computers, the time clock station automatically runs. Information is sent to the main base, where the payroll staff can process the data in minutes and not in hours. TimeClock Application can be set up to a local time clock. It can be set to comply with local overtime regulations and policies. This utility can also be connected to a secure Internet time server. It may be also paired to an RFID system or magnetic card system. Administrators may choose a PIN system or a face recognition system to detect the login of their employees and staff. Another option is to use the biometric fingerprint scanner.