Time Zero

MaxSea International (Shareware)

MaxSea Time Zero is a marine navigation program. It enables users to see a high-resolution chart for safe navigation. This technology provides nautical charts, 3D data, and satellite images to deliver complete maritime information with a high degree of accuracy and realism. The system is synchronized with their boat in real-time so that users can actually see their boats moving in the chart the way it moves off-screen. The program makes it possible for users to continuously visualize their location with precision throughout their journeys.

The product is offered in three variants: recreational, semi-professional, and professional. MaxSea Time Zero Navigator Wide, which is designed for sailboats and motorboats in the US, belongs to the recreational range. Its users can access NOAA US charts that encompasses all of the US Coast, including Hawaii, the Pacific Islands, Alaska, and the Great Lakes. It has built-in features for GPS positioning, a function for downloading and displaying the marine weather forecast, a global database for tide behavior, route and waypoint management, and North America Tidal Current with ETA calculation. MaxSea Time Zero's High Resolution Tidal Currents also estimates the best possible time for departure. This feature aids in reducing sailing time. It also helps sailors synchronize their departure time according to the program's forecast so that they can reach their destination at high tide.

Vectors built into the program enable the screen display of potential collisions. The software's integrated ARPA (Automatic Radar Plotting Aid) and AIS (Automatic Identification System) system allows customization of targets in order to let users identify at a glance if the ship is near a ferry, cargo, or fishing boat, for example. It also has a system of audio and visual alerts to warn users when danger approaches.