Time Stopper

Sandaruwan Software Company (Freeware)

Time Stopper is an application that stops the time for software trial periods. This allows the user to use the program longer without having to think about the software’s usage limit. It is capable of prolonging the trial period of any executable file for an unlimited period of time. To use the program, search for the application to extend. This is usually location in the Program Files folder in Windows. Set a new installation date for the application in order to extend the trial period. It can be prolonged to a month or a month and a half, depending on the type of application. Time Stopper does not make any changes to the computer’s operating system.

The application’s interface is easy to use. Users can select the program from the main window by clicking on the Browse button. After selecting the program to extend, select a date from the calendar on Time Stopper’s main window. Users can also create a new desktop icon for the program to extend by typing a name for the program and clicking on the ‘Create desktop short-cut’ button at the bottom part of the screen. The icon created by Time Stopper on the desktop is the one that the user should click when using the trial version of the application.