Time Mysteries: Inheritance

Artifex Mundi (Shareware)

Time Mysteries: Inheritance is a time travel-themed hidden object game developed by the Artifex Mundi and published by Big Fish Games. It follows the story of Vivien Ambrose, a world-renowned English physicist whose father has been abducted by a sinister time traveler. In order to rescue her father, Vivien needs to travel back in time and go through various adventures. Like the rest of her family, Vivien is a time traveler herself, even though she was previously unaware of it. The player takes on the role of Vivien and proceeds to solve a series of puzzles over the course of the game. There are approximately 18 puzzles in the game, each with its own theme and list of hidden objects.

Vivien learns of seven magic rings that will help lead the way to her father. Unfortunately, Vivien misplaces the rings as she was chasing her father’s captor. As a result, she needs to recover every single ring before the evil time traveler gets a chance to get them. The player can play either of two game modes: Regular and Expert. In the Regular mode, areas of interest sparkle to give the player a clue on where to locate the hidden objects. Other types of puzzles include jigsaw, gear assembly, and Mastermind.