Camel (Shareware)

Tikibar is a time management game for PC desktops and laptops. This program is developed by Camel 101 and released in 2009. It is a game about Tara, an attorney at a law firm. One day she decides to take a break from her corporate life and go on vacation on Tiki Island, where her grandparents reside.

When Tara arrives on Tiki Island she finds out that a certain Mr. Prophit, the head of a powerful but evil corporation, is planning to build a nuclear power plant on the island. He also wants to relocate all people, animals, and the wildlife. Tara’s goal is to stop Mr. Prophit. To do this, Tara and her friends have to earn enough money by running a Tikibar. Players have to help Tara serve the customers of the restaurant and make them happy.

The game starts with Tara serving at a food shack for the island’s guests. The customers would then show up expressing what they would like to have by way of food or refreshments. This is indicated in the speech bubbles over their heads. Tara has to prepare the food and drinks and serve the customers immediately. Players must click on the indicated food items as swiftly as possible. Aside from the payment given by customers, players can also get points from the hearts given by customers when they are satisfied with Tara’s service.