TiEmu 3.03

The TiEmu Team (Freeware)

TiEmu is an emulator for handheld devices developed by Texas Instruments. It works on multiple platforms, including Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD. It is designed to emulate the working environments of the Motorola series of graphing calculators made by Texas Instruments, namely: TI89 Titanium, TI89, TI92+, TI92, and V2000PLT. It comes with an HTML manual for users to read about its specifications. Among the features included with the application are screenshots, a link port, popup menus, saving state, and a graphical ASM/C debugger.

There are three main components of this program.
• Emulator – the core function of the application
• GDB Integration – the application is integrated with the GNU Debugger, allowing programmers of calculator software to debug their programs easily
• Tilibs framework – this component is used to link the emulator to a calculator using a Link Cable, and can be used when debugging and programming requires linking up to another calculator unit.

TiEmu’s graphical debugger has a full set of features, including vectors, breakpoints, source, memory, stack, and trace to help programmers fix errors on their program. It also supports step in, step over, run to cursor, step out, and run. Users can load or save the emulator state as necessary. The simulation engine is fast to allow for greater productivity.