TicketBench Enterprise Application 6.16 (Shareware)

TicketBench Enterprise is an application used for creating tickets for raffles and events. The program is easy to use and users do not need to have extensive knowledge in designing to be able to use the application. The main interface of the application consists of tools that are located on the upper portion and on the left side of the window. The main work area is where users can create a ticket. The program comes with different shapes text and other objects that can be added to the ticket. Novice computer users can make use of the Project Wizard to start working on a project.

With this application, users will be able to create tickets with serial numbers, barcodes in different formats, reserved seating codes, and stub lines. It also has a built-in spell-check function to ensure that there are no spelling mistakes on the ticket before printing. Other main features of the TicketBench Enterprise program are the following:

• Comes with ticket templates that can be used eliminating the need to design a ticket from scratch
• Support for printing double-sided tickets
• Support 17 types of barcode file formats
• Can also print out booklets, catalogs, and other projects
• Print out professional looking tickets for any purpose