Silver Squirrel Software HB (Freeware)

Tibiacast is a screen recording and broadcasting application developed by Silver Squirrel Software HB. It is specifically designed to work with Tibia, an MMORPG video game. Using this application, players can broadcast or record their screens while playing the game. It also allows players to watch other player’s Tibia screen recordings or broadcasts.

The program’s main function is to broadcast the player’s Tibia screen. To do this, players must open the application first then press the Start Tibia button in order to log in to the Tibia game client. By default, the broadcast begins right after the player enters the game. However, this behavior can be changed through the Preference window of Tibiacast. To view someone else’s broadcast, players only have to press the Watch button. Logging in to Tibia is required before being able to watch the broadcast. Players may also choose to record their game and let others view it as well. Aside from this, the application also allows chatting and sending private messages with broadcasters and other players viewing the broadcasts.

The application is free. However, users can also upgrade to a Premium account, which offers added features such as more viewer slots, creating recording, joining full broadcasts, adding passwords to broadcasts, and broadcasting anonymously.