TibiaBot NG

CipSoft (Freeware)

TibiaBot Ng is an online application that works as an add-on client server for Tibia. The massively multiplayer online role-playing game Tibia is a game developed by Cipsoft. The game is one of the oldest existing MMORPG featuring a 2D video graphics. The set up of the game revolves around the magical world of Tibia where characters can level up and learn new skills.

TibiaBot NG enables user to control the game by simply clicking the mouse and pressing different keyboard commands. This feature benefits players which can be used as an advantage for easy control of the game play. The developer makes sure that players are secured from hacking and prevents fraudulent transactions by using the application. The application supports different operating systems.

To play the game, users should download the latest version of TibiaBot NG. The game can be downloaded from its official website Once downloaded, users are prompt to agree with EULA. Run the installation application to install the game. Users can also interact with other players of tibia by participating in Tibiabot NG forums located in the main webpage of the application. Gamers can share information and insights about the game through this forum. The topics in forum includes game rules, most recent activities and events, and technical support.