Tibia Player

CipSoft GmbH (Shareware)

Tibia is an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game) that was released in 1997. Players start the game without a vocation. Once the character reaches level 8, the player can choose from four different vocations – druids, knights, paladins, and sorcerers. Each vocation has a unique set of abilities with advantages and disadvantages. Players must improve their characters to gain skill points. This can be done by battling monsters, completing quests, and discovering the Tibia world.

All the four vocations are able to use magic. However, the degree of magic depends on the vocation. The two types of magic that can be used include instant magic and rune magic. Players can gain experience points and level up their character by killing off creatures. The harder the creature is to kill, the greater the reward. Loot an also be taken from defeated creatures. The contents of the loot can include armor, food, helmets, weapons, and gold.  

Players have the option to choose from 77 different servers. These servers have three different types:

Open PvP – players can attack and kill and they can also be killed
Optional PvP – players are not allowed to combat against other players
Hardcore PvP – player versus player is permitted and players gain rewards for winning