Tibia Map Viewer 3.2

Yury Sidorov (Open Source)

Tibia Map Viewer is an application that enables users to view the maps that are generated by the Tibia game client. This viewer also lets use edit map symbols and create their own. With this tool, Tibia players can view the parts of the Tibia game world that they have explored. This application also displays both the lower and the upper levels of the map and lets players zoom into the map from 25 to 400 percent. An overlay mode shows a shaded ground level, over which the lower and upper levels of the map are drawn. Users can also merge different maps and save maps in BMP file format.

One of the main features of this application is the map symbols editor that lets users edit, create, and view map symbols that can be placed over their maps in different locations. These symbols can be used to indicate the locations of shops, monsters, guilds, and even describe the names of areas in the Tibia game world. The two types of symbols that can be made are text labels and marks. Users can set the color, font type, and font size for the text labels. Marks are used to indicate places with a small area. The created symbols are saved as separate files so the maps are not modified.