Tibet Quest

Fenomen Games (Shareware)

Tibet Quest is a game in the match-3 genre, in which players have to line up three or more objects to remove them from the game area. In this game, players help Jane search for clues about her father’s whereabouts. Her father was an explorer who spent his life looking for the famed city of Shangri La. One day he disappeared, leaving his journal. The journal shows the first clue: Jane must go to Tibet on a hot air balloon.

To help Jane get the materials needed for the balloon, players must match three identical objects on the game grid. This is done by swapping adjacent pieces. When three or more objects are matched, the pieces fall from the grid, earning points and clearing a path for Jane to walk on. The materials for the hot air balloon are scattered throughout the grid, and players must quickly carve a path for Jane before the time runs out.

There are 65 levels in the game, and as the player progresses, he or she will encounter tools to that can help in obtaining the materials needed. These tools include ladders for moving to another part of the grid, and a machete to slash off the bushes that are blocking Jane’s way. If players take too long to make a match, the kind Tibetan monk at upper right corner of the screen helps by blowing away a problematic object and clearing a tile.