Thunderbird 45.1.1

Mozilla Messaging (Freeware)

Mozilla Thunderbird is a cross-platform email client developed by Mozilla Messaging. It is open-source, which makes it available for everyone. The Thunderbird application was first released under the name Minotaur in December 7, 2004. The program is also a news feed client providing up-to-date news.

The Mozilla Thunderbird application can be used for creating personalized email addresses. Opening multiple emails is also possible with its Tabbed Email functionality. Opened tabs will be available the next time the program is opened. The program also has an attachment reminder. This functionality looks for the word “attachment” and other similar terms. If the program finds one, it will remind the user to attach a file before sending an email.

The Thunderbird program offers Quick Search and Search the Web features. The Quick Search feature allows users to search for emails within the program using keywords. The Search the Web functionality can be used to search online without leaving the Thunderbird program. Organizing emails can be done using the program’s filtering system. It lets users filter emails and label them according to different factors (e.g. sender, recipient, etc). It also features Smart Folders combining several accounts on a special folder.

Sending large files is possible using the Thunderbird software. Users can upload large files to the Thunderbird Filelink, an online storage provider, and send the link to other users instead of sending the documents. The application can also be customized using skins and add-ons.