Thunder Island 2.8

WildTangent Inc. (Shareware)

Thunder Island is an adventure-mystery computer game. There are terrifying creatures that the main player has to battle and challenging obstacles that have to be overcome to satisfy the main objective of rescuing the father of Rita from a deserted yet mysterious island.

The game Thunder Island is also considered a hidden object game where different clues must be solved in order for the player to retrieve tools and information that will lead him or her to the whereabouts of the missing father. The Rita character is Rita James. Her father was kidnapped and brought to the island. It is up to Rita and her team to successfully land on the island and survive despite the presence of dangerous henchmen.

Set in a city called Zenadoo, the game takes place in a jungle where unusual monsters thrive. These monsters reign from the underworld and can easily destroy unknowing humans who foolishly find themselves in the island. There are different stages that players have to go through, each offering particular clues that will help the team find the kidnapped James senior. Stages are not independent, which means that there is no way for players to proceed without obtaining a certain series of clues from previous stages.