ThumbsPlus 9.0

Cerious Software Inc. (Shareware)

ThumbsPlus is an image management tool that allows users to organize digital images. It also comes with some basic editing tools. The digital photos imported to the program can be tagged according to category. This makes it easier for users to find a specific photo later on. The program also comes with tutorials that will guide users through the process of using the different features of the software.

ThumbsPlus provides a set of tools for editing, too. Some basic functions include rotate, mirror, trip, auto-crop, cut, copy, and paste. There are also tools for adjusting the colors of the photo. These tools are color balance, color depth, color profile, and invert colors. The program also comes with a histogram that can be used by advanced photo editors. Users can also view information regarding the photo by going to the File Properties. This window is divided into seven tabs – Physical, Details, Info, Database, Keywords, User Fields, and Galleries. Information about the photo can be added to the different fields.

Other features of the ThumbsPlus image management application are the following:
• photo printing options with print preview
• support for color profiles for different scanners and cameras
• generate thumbnail web pages with the Web Page Wizard
• versatile batch processing feature
• support for Windows Color Management