PGWARE LLC (Shareware)

Throttle is an application that allows users to increase Internet speed by modifying their modem settings. A modem is a device that allows one computer to connect with another computer through a communications link. It works by converting the data into a format that is used in communication connections, and the remote modem then converts the transmission back to the data. This internet acceleration software makes some permanent changes on the Windows registry allowing users to download and upload files, load web pages, play online games, and other activities which require an Internet connection, at a faster rate without an increase in Internet cost.

Throttle utilizes a simple and easy to use interface. There are sections for specifying the operating system, as well as the internet type through a dropdown menu. There is also a slider for the Internet speed setting. Once these are set, the user can click on the “Optimize Now” button. There is a button on the bottom of the interface for checking the updates directly without the need to visit the official website. The links for the Help file, program support, as well as the program website are found on the left side of the interface with corresponding icons on the upper right side.