Throne of Darkness

Click Entertainment (Proprietary)

Throne of Darkness is an action-based role-playing game that features a Japanese mythology theme. It is developed by the company, Click Entertainment and published by Sierra Studios. The game’s plot is set in medieval Japan, specifically the land of Yamato. It is ruled by an aging warlord named Tsunayoshi along with four daimyōs from their respective clans. Tsunayoshi is hungry for power so he unleashed a horrible demon called Zanshin, which has its own army of dark creatures. This demon intends to wield its evil forces to conquer all of Yamato. The player takes on the role of a samurai leader from one of the four Japanese clans, whose job it is to fight the evil War Lord Zanshin and keep the land safe.

In this game, the player controls the samurai warriors that combat various creatures like zombies and ogres. Along the way, the player can also pick up new weapons and equipment as well as acquire new skills. There are minor quests that the player must go on during the course of the game, and they have to be completed in order to advance. The player can choose from among seven samurai classes, each of which consists of a leader, giant, archer, kyudo master, swordsman, berserker, ninja, and wizard.