Thoosje Windows Sevenbar 3

Thoosje (Freeware)

Thoosje Windows Sevenbar is an application developed collectively by members of the community. The software itself features a sidebar for computers that run on Windows Vista and XP. Developers have based the current version of the program on designs of its predecessor, a sidebar for XP users that emulates the user interface of Vista. The sidebar is an area on the screen that utility programs called widgets can populate, all of which serve various functions. Some notable examples of widgets that are on the sidebar include the following:

• Search gadgets that cover files and pages indexed by various search engines on the Web, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo!
• An integrated widget that searches the Web for torrents, particularly those with high seeding volumes
• Basic utility apps that show essential information to the user, such as an analog clock, central processing unit and memory module, and monthly calendar that displays the current date
• A media player specially made for Windows Sevenbar, which scans media folders and plays multimedia content straight from the widget itself
• Simple notes that resemble virtual sticky Post-It pads that users can rearrange outside the sidebar area

As an improvement built by developers, Windows Sevenbar consumes half the Random Access Memory used by the native Windows Sidebar on Windows 7, as well as previous versions of the application from Thoosje.