ThinkVantage Productivity Center

Lenovo Group Limited (Bundled)

Lenovo ThinkVantage Productivity Center is a utility application that enables users to access their online documentation and tools. This program is designed for use and is only compatible with laptop and notebook computers manufactured under the Lenovo ThinkPad brand. Lenovo ThinkVantage Productivity Center provides users with an entry portal for commonly used ThinkVantage technologies, utilities, and tools. The program’s Productivity Center Portal helps organize the user’s top tasks, frequently used applications, as well as help and support tools.

Lenovo ThinkVantage Productivity Center contains three easy-access features: Quick Links, Resource Center, and Message Center. Quick links allow users to access their computer’s top tasks such as initiating data backup, launching Lenovo PC support, or viewing critical system information. Quick Links can also be customized to show the commands that users frequently use. Next is the Resource Center where users can easily access various ThinkVantage Technologies such as Away Manager, Access Connections, System Migration Assistant, Rescue and Recovery, Client Security Solution, and System Update. Last is the Message Center where users can find information about the system and access to Lenovo’s technical support team. In addition to these features, Lenovo ThinkVantage Productivity Center provides an automatic tour where users can learn about the advanced features and functions of the program.

Lenovo ThinkVantage Productivity Center features a simple interface shown as a rectangular window that is divided according to its three main features: Quick Links, Resource Center, and Message Center.