Think3, Inc. (Proprietary)

ThinkDesign Suite is utilized in creating 2D and 3D computer-aided design. It was developed as a solution to assist users in their designing activities. It is an advanced parametric CAD application intended for hybrid, surface, and solid modeling.

The ThinkDesign Suite provides advanced drafting and modeling tools using proprietary technology. The applicable modeling techniques allow the designing of surfaces and solids through the use of conventional approaches based on parameterization. It is also done with the help of more advanced tools such as Global Shape Modeling. Its functionalities aid designers to achieve their goals, and results to a globally-accurate and quick modification at any stage of the design process.

Other efficient tools include the Interactive Solid Modeling, which provide direct editing, and the Subdivision Surfaces, an innovative approach to handling various shapes. The ThinkDesign Suite includes four applications:

• ThinkDesign Styling focuses on the product shape and converts the project into a model in consideration of the engineering and technical goals;
• ThinkDesign Engineering enables companies to move with flexibility, efficiency, and speed in the process of product engineering;
• ThinkDesign Tooling is a designed toolmaker for technicians that enable them to edit and correct data to be transformed into a customer’s model; and lastly,  
• ThinkDesign Professional is a full product version covering all design cycles.