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TheSky6 is an astronomy program designed for observational and educational use. It has built-in databases that contain celestial information, enabling users to see the sky from their computer monitors. With this application, users will be able to watch constellations, stars, and planets as if they were viewing the sky through a telescope.

Among this program’s features are a Moon Viewer, a Data Wizard, Eclipse and Conjunction Finders, and an Image Link for enhanced viewing. Users of TheSky6 can do the following:
• See and move around a three dimensional view of the entire solar system
• Choose between viewing the daytime sky or the nighttime sky
• View the names of planetary and celestial objects, such as constellations
• See the sky in a horizon grid view or equatorial grid view
• Access astronomical catalogs that contain over a billion objects

TheSky6 has three versions available: Professional, Serious Astronomer, and Student. Each version has a different set of features. The Student version is ideal for beginners who are just learning about astronomy. Users can also print custom star charts that they can take along when they go stargazing at night. Another highlight feature of this program is the ability to determine when the next solar or lunar eclipse will take place.