Theseus: Return of the Hero

SigmaTeam (Freeware)

Theseus: Return of the Hero is a video is an action adventure video game that was first released in 2005. It is the sequel to the game Alien Shooter that was released in 2003. In the game, players assume the role of Theseus, a hero who must stop the aliens who are invading planet earth. The game takes place in an open location that consists of villages, cities, forests, and highways. There are 10 missions to complete. The game starts with Theseus visiting a location in Europe. The small European town is in the middle of a battle and Theseus helps in defeating the enemies.  The player can acquire different types of weapons in the game. These weapons vary in the number of bullets that they carry. The weapons include pistols, machine guns, a rocket launcher, ion cannons, grenade launchers, and a shotgun. The number of bullets for these weapons range from 100 (shotgun and grenade launcher) to 999,999 (two pistols).

In Theseus: Return of the Hero, the player is free to upgrade the character by purchasing equipment in the shop. New equipment can help defeat the enemies easier, as the game gets more difficult and enemies get harder to beat as the game progresses.