Theme Creator Pro

Solar Eclipse Software (Shareware)

Theme Creator Pro is an application designed for mobile phone users, specifically those who own Sony Ericsson phones. This program creates visual themes such as background images and colors for the available menu options. Theme Creator Pro requires Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 SP5 Run-time installed in the PC where it will be used.

Theme Creator Pro features an editor which gives the user the chance to view the themes being created throughout the process. This WYSIWYG editor is one of the highlighted features of this utility. During them creation, the elements chosen can be viewed in a specific window so that the user of Theme Creator Pro can determine whether the item is appropriate to the chosen concept. There is also a preview mode and the user interface is friendly and intuitive.

Theme Creator Pro imports image files in different formats including PNG, GIF, and JPEG. Aside from the basic features, this utility supports the addition of a ringtone to the chosen theme as well as special information such as the name of the theme’s creator. The theme is saved in THM file format which is supported by mobile phones.

Theme Creator Pro by Solar Eclipse Software supports a wide range of Sony Ericsson models including the T68i, W880, P990, T650, ad K790.