TheLastRipper Team (Open Source)

TheLastRipper is a small program that is capable of saving audio streams from into the MP3 audio file format. Aside from saving MP3s, the program also allows users to create playlists, download album information, and edit tags for the audio files. In order to use the program, users must have a account.

The program’s interface is simple and intuitive. The main window is divided into two tabs – Find Music and URL. Under the Find Music tab, users can type in a search term and click on the corresponding button (Playlist, Personal, Group, Tag, and Artist). Users can also tune in to streaming audio by providing a URL under the URL tab. A message is shown on the window when the program is recording the streaming audio. For the music playlist, users can choose the files to play under the Preferences window. Some of the options are recently loved, top tracks, weekly track chart, and all lists.

Here are more of the program’s features:

• Support for automatically generating a playlist based on the user’s preferences
• Can be used to organize the user’s music library into different categories
• Supports computer proxy settings

TheLastRipper no longer works and its development has been discontinued in 2012.