TheGreenBow IPSec VPN Client 5.51

TheGreenBow (Shareware)

TheGreenBow IPSec VPN Client is an IPSec VPN Client software used in connecting and integrating a device into a system of existing networks. It is an advanced tool that enables employees or registered users to remotely access any company application or program through a server in a fast and secure manner. TheGreenBow IPsec VPN Client enables smooth desktop sharing via a simple authentication setup that requires monitored user login. Upon successful login, the software will allow the remote access of users to the main server's applications and files through its full PKI integration facilities. Multiple desktop sharing is also supported provided that the main server has a defined VPN tunnel that will simultaneously run the shared sessions.

TheGreenBow IPsec VPN Client has script configuration capabilities that allow the execution of scripts and applications through a tunnel connection. The PKI options of the software enhance the certification of Token and SmartCard configurations without compromising the speed of access or connectivity to the main server. Additionally, the application can also be securely controlled via USB mode. This mode attaches VPN configurations to specific computer devices through a USB drive, where all of the secured configurations and VPN elements and certificates have been stored. Users can then use the drive as an installer of the company's custom VPN tunnels.