Theft Recovery 1

Absolute Software Corp. (Proprietary)

Theft Recovery is one of the utilities included in LoJack Standard and Premium edition, a security program for laptop computers. LoJack must be installed in a laptop in order for the Threat Recovery feature to work. Upon installation, users must activate the software. The Theft Recovery utility helps recover a laptop in the event that it gets stolen or misplaced.

As soon as a laptop is stolen, the user must report it to the local authorities and to the Absolute Theft Recovery Team. This can be done by logging in to the Absolute website ( and completing the information on ‘Report a Theft’ tab. Once this is done, the stolen computer’s state will change to high alert.

The next time the stolen laptop is connected to the Internet, it will automatically switch to theft mode. Initially, the program will contact an Absolute Theft agent once a day and the contact will eventually increase to every 15 minutes. This will allow the theft recovery team to analyze the activities in the stolen laptop (geo-location, keystrokes, file scanning, etc.). The team will use top-notch technology to find the physical location of the laptop and contact the local police for recovery. The Absolute Theft Recovery Team provides all the evidence, paperwork, and warrants to the local police to recover the stolen laptop.